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Please remember this, when you’re feeling overwhelmed or down on yourself:

You are an organic supercomputer, your specs not designed but stumbled on through blind chance, by a non-sentient sphere of rock hurtling across space. Your working parts are all made from dead stars, and you are powered by a living one. You consume its transformed light, and transmute it again into the earth of your skin, the water in your veins, and the fire in your brilliant mind. You spark fire in hundreds, thousands of other minds just with your words.

Honey, you are magic.

You are a completely unlikely defiance of cosmological probability, and it is amazing enough that you exist, helping the universe test its own limits.

excerpt from a bit of writing I did recently for my dearest friend, who is feeling hedged in on all sides with bad situations & destructive people. The holiday season can bring up a lot of that ugly stuff for a lot of people, so I thought I’d share this. Please keep it in mind, if it helps you through the winter. (via craftypath)

my daily mantra

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